Maria Maruschka is a brand created in the south of Sweden 1989 by Maria and Egon Olenklint.

Unique boutiques with a distinct concept: timeless design, long-lasting, well-tailored and beautiful clothes and accessories.

Studio-produced under artisanal forms. Natural materials such as linen, wool and silk. High quality in every detail. A collection of knitwear and a collection of sewn garnments. Matching accessories in the form of jewellery, belts, bags and shawls. All combining to create the "Maria Maruschka look".

Maria Maruschka garments are sold exclusively via our own boutiques in the Swedish province of Skåne where we have three shops and one in Stockholm as well in Florence, Italy.

You can also find a part of the collection from Maria Maruschka in the boutique "Opera Opera" in Hong Kong, China.

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